Ladybird’s Wit – A Belgian style white (or wit) beer brewed with malt, oats, and wheat, and spiced with coriander and orange peel. Served unfiltered.

Road Devil Red Ale – aromas of pine and citrus with a pleasing bitterness, well balanced by the substantial toasty caramel background. Dangerously drinkable!

Ten Penny Nail – Amber ale with toasty and caramel malt flavors. Fermented with a Scottish Ale yeast that contributes a subtle complexity.

Al Lackey's Ghost Brown Ale – A balanced Brown Ale fermented with an English Ale yeast producing toasty malt flavors and a hint of caramel and coffee.

Catcher in the Wheat – This refreshing wheat beer is a hazy pale yellow and has a taste reminiscent of fresh baked bread and crackers.

County Jail Pale Ale – This American Pale Ale is deep gold in color with substantial additions of Cascade hops adding citrusy aromas and flavors to the biscuity malt background. An addition of Rye Malt adds a spicy dimension.

Keep Calm & Carry On- a deep amber strong English Ale with complex malt and yeast flavors and pleasing hop aromas.

1897 Jailbreak IPA- features pungent American hop aromas with grapefruit and citrus flavors and just enough biscuit maltiness for counterpoint.

Kon-Tiki South Pacific Ale – This ale uses hops from New Zealand and Australia for a unique take on the pale ale style.

25 to Life IPA – IPA features grapefruit, citrus, pineapple, and melon, just balanced by the malt with a dry finish.

Guilty as Charged IPA – A hoppy brew with a restrained malt background and dry finish

Dark Sarcasm Porter – A chocolate malt heavy dark beer with American hops as the supporting cast

Johnson City Lager – A little bit malty, a little bit hoppy, this crisp golden beer is our first lager

Summer Wheat Ale – This light Ale features subtle hints of honey, ginger and citrus to get your ready for warmer weather

Simcoe Session Ale – This full flavored ale is bursting with piney grapefuity Simcoe hops, but is lower in ABV so you can enjoy a couple!

Border Clan Scotch Ale – Full deep malt flavor and high alcohol are the hallmarks of this high gravity ale

Chocolate Pecan Milk Stout – Brewed with TX pecans, cocoa nibs, and milk sugar this rich stout is like dessert in a glass!

Chain Gang Oatmeal Stout – A rich, decadent stout with flavors of chocolate and coffee. An addition of oats contributes a luscious smoothness.

No, You’re Out of Order! Porter-  A well balanced Porter with a tantalizing brush of hops that fades into a rich creamy chocolate malt finish.

Tilting at Windmills – A strong golden-colored Belgian Ale with flavors of fruit and honey and a dry finish. Go easy, or you too will be tilting at windmills!

Hell or High Water ESB – An English ale with sweet malts and cherry aromas fading into earthy English hops and rich malt.

Goat Vampire Ale (formerly Chupacabra) – A hoppy red ale with flavors of grapefruit and tropical fruit on a rich malt background.


Screw Loose Blonde – Light and easy-going, this American Blonde Ale is never bitter.

Holiday Ale – Brewed with Texas Pecans and Fresh Pumpkin and the lightly spiced with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg & allspice. This ale is sure to get you in a festive spirit. [seasonal]

Judge & Jury Stout – Bold, rich and roasty, this American Stout is not shy on flavor.hops.

Old Town Square Amber Ale – Complex but mild malts highlight this easy drinking brew

Hang ‘Em High Belgian Pale- Aromas and flavors of citrus and spice from the Belgian Yeast and Cascade hops

Javelina Brown Ale- Brown Ale with rich, toasty, nutty, and roasty chocolate notes, a small addition of smoked malt makes this Javelina a bit unpredictable

Horse Thief Rye Brown Ale – Flavors of dry chocolate, coffee and caramel with a hint of rye spiciness

Comanche Moon Pale Ale – Flavors of tangerine and citrus with a dry, bready malt base

Crosseyed and Painless IPA – Bursting with hops, this IPA is sure to satisfy the discerning hop head!

Munich Dunkel – A brown German lager with rich bready flavors from the large amounts of Munich malts

Stiff Upper Lip: A refreshing, slightly hoppy but balanced and sessionable ale brewed with all English hops, malt and yeast

Quiet Desperation ESB: An English Extra Special Bitter with sweet malts and a complimenting bitterness

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